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apop_coordinate_transform_settings Struct Reference

Data Fields

apop_data *(* base_to_transformed )(apop_data *)
double(* jacobian_to_base )(apop_data *)
apop_data *(* transformed_to_base )(apop_data *)

Field Documentation

apop_model * apop_coordinate_transform_settings::base_model

The pre-transformation model.

apop_data *(* apop_coordinate_transform_settings::base_to_transformed)(apop_data *)

The function to transform the model from pre-transform space to post-transform space.

double(* apop_coordinate_transform_settings::jacobian_to_base)(apop_data *)

The derivative of the transformed_to_base function.

apop_data *(* apop_coordinate_transform_settings::transformed_to_base)(apop_data *)

The function to transform from post-transform space back to pre-transform space. If this function does not exist, using a Jacobian-based transformation is probably not mathematically correct.