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apop_dconstrain_settings Struct Reference

Data Fields

double(* constraint )(apop_data *, apop_model *)
int draw_ct
gsl_vector * last_params
int refct
gsl_rng * rng
double scale
double(* scaling )(apop_model *)

Detailed Description

For use with the apop_dconstrain model. See its documentation for an example.

Field Documentation

apop_model * apop_dconstrain_settings::base_model

The model, before constraint.

double(* apop_dconstrain_settings::constraint)(apop_data *, apop_model *)

The constraint. Return 1 if the data is in the constraint; zero if out.

int apop_dconstrain_settings::draw_ct

How many draws to make for calculating the in-constraint model density via random draws. Current default: 1e4.

gsl_vector * apop_dconstrain_settings::last_params

The parameters used to calculate scale. If these change, recalculate.

int apop_dconstrain_settings::refct

For internal use.

gsl_rng * apop_dconstrain_settings::rng

If you don't provide a scaling function, I calculate the in-constraint model density via random draws. If no rng is provided, I use a default RNG; see apop_rng_get_thread.

double apop_dconstrain_settings::scale

After the scaling has been calculated, store it here. If you change the parameters of your base model, set this to zero to have the scaling recalculated.

double(* apop_dconstrain_settings::scaling)(apop_model *)

Optional. Return the percent of the model density inside the constraint.