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apop_kernel_density_settings Struct Reference

Data Fields

int own_kernel
int own_pmf
void(* set_fn )(apop_data *, apop_model *)

Detailed Description

Settings for the apop_kernel_density model.

Field Documentation

apop_data * apop_kernel_density_settings::base_data

The data that will be smoothed by the KDE.

apop_model * apop_kernel_density_settings::base_pmf

I actually need the data in a apop_pmf. You can give that to me explicitly, or I can wrap the .base_data in a PMF.

apop_model * apop_kernel_density_settings::kernel

The distribution to be centered over each data point. Default, apop_normal with std dev 1.

int apop_kernel_density_settings::own_kernel

For internal use only.

void(* apop_kernel_density_settings::set_fn)(apop_data *, apop_model *)

The function I will use for each data point to center the kernel over each point. Default: set the upper-left element of the parameter set to the upper-left scalar in the data: apop_data_set(m->parameters, .val= apop_data_get(in));.