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apop_lm_settings Struct Reference

Data Fields

int destroy_data
char want_cov
char want_expected_value

Detailed Description

Settings for least-squares type models such as apop_ols or apop_iv

Field Documentation

int apop_lm_settings::destroy_data

If 'y', then the input data set may be normalized or otherwise mangled.

apop_model * apop_lm_settings::input_distribution

The distribution of $P(Y|X)$ is specified by the model holding this struct, but the distribution of $X$ needs to be specified as well for any calculation of $P(Y)$. See the notes in the RNG section of the apop_ols documentation.

apop_data * apop_lm_settings::instruments

Use for the apop_iv regression, qv.

char apop_lm_settings::want_cov

Deprecated. Please use apop_parts_wanted_settings.

char apop_lm_settings::want_expected_value

Deprecated. Please use apop_parts_wanted_settings.