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apop_opts_type Struct Reference

Data Fields

char db_engine
char * db_name_column
char db_pass [101]
char db_user [101]
char input_delimiters [100]
FILE * log_file
char * nan_string
char output_delimiter [100]
int rng_seed
char stop_on_warning
int verbose
float version

Detailed Description

The global options.

Field Documentation

char apop_opts_type::db_engine

If this is 'm', use mySQL, else use SQLite.

char * apop_opts_type::db_name_column

If not NULL or "", the name of the column in your tables that holds row names.

char apop_opts_type::db_pass

Password for database login. Max 100 chars.

char apop_opts_type::db_user

Username for database login. Max 100 chars.

char apop_opts_type::input_delimiters

Deprecated. Please use per-function inputs to apop_text_to_db and apop_text_to_data. Default = "|,\t"

FILE * apop_opts_type::log_file

The file handle for the log. Defaults to stderr, but change it with, e.g., apop_opts.log_file = fopen("outlog", "w");

char * apop_opts_type::nan_string

The string used to indicate NaN. Default: "NaN. Comparisons are case-insensitive.

char apop_opts_type::output_delimiter

The separator between elements of output tables. The default is "\t", but for LaTeX, use "&\t", or use "|" to get pipe-delimited output.

char apop_opts_type::stop_on_warning
int apop_opts_type::verbose

Set this to zero for silent mode, one for errors and warnings. default = 0.