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apop_pmf_settings Struct Reference

Data Fields

gsl_vector * cmf
int * cmf_refct
char draw_index
long double total_weight

Detailed Description

Settings to accompany the apop_pmf.

Field Documentation

gsl_vector * apop_pmf_settings::cmf

A cumulative mass function, for the purposes of making random draws.

int * apop_pmf_settings::cmf_refct

For internal use, so I can garbage-collect the CMF when needed.

char apop_pmf_settings::draw_index

If 'y', then draws from the PMF return the integer index of the row drawn. If 'n' (the default), then return the data in the vector/matrix elements of the data set.

long double apop_pmf_settings::total_weight

Keep the total weight, in case the input weights aren't normalized to sum to one.